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blue-yellow-greenBlue and Yellow
don’t make Green

by Michael Wilcox

Tired of trying to mix the perfect color only to be disappointed by your finished hue? Learn how to accurately and quickly mix colors for perfect results every time with this go-to guide by Michael Wilcox. With sales of more than 400,000 copies, this has become the standard reference book in its field. This guide explains clearly what happens when colors are combined and how to mix them quickly, accurately and without waste.

Improve your oil paintings with glazing techniques made simple with Glazing by Michael Wilcox

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By Michael Wilcox

Improve your oil paintings with glazing techniques made simple.

“Early Masters such as Rembrandt applied multiple layers of transparent paint to produce the deep, glowing hues and darks which typified their work; darks which seethed with hidden colour.
The range of rich hues employed by these earlier painters gave a mysterious depth and intensity to their work, a richness and luminosity which only the glazing techniques can give.
The aim of this book is to equip today’s artist with the technique of glazing developed by the Masters. Lessons from the past brought fully up to date.”

– Michael Wilcox

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A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors
by Betty Edwards

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read about understanding and using color. Betty Edwards is the author of the world famous book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’. This 191 page book is just as impressive.

– Shirley Williams

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Great Art Books from Amazon

The Color Scheme Bible, by Anna Starmer
‘Inspiring Palettes for Designing Home Interiors’

One of the handiest books I’ve ever invested in and definitely NOT just for Interior Decorators.
It’s perfect when I’m stuck in a color scheme rut with my abstract paintings.  And when I need a color scheme to suit a particular mood, there are choices in every color group on the color wheel.

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Making Color Sing, by Jeanne Dobie
‘Practical Lessons in Color & Design’
25th Anniversary Edition

This book it is identical (except for the cover) to the original version. There’s a good reason it’s been a best seller for 25 years. It should be included on every watercolor artist bookshelf. Even though watercolor is the author’s chosen medium, the lessons easily apply to any medium.

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Confident Color, by Nita Leland
‘An artist’s guide to harmony, contrast and unity”

Here is another one of my favourite books about color. I love the format of this book – easy reading – takes you right in and makes you a part of the process. Each page is loaded with exciting information and a “Try it” portion to include you in the journey. This book is for the beginner and advanced alike.

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