Confident Color

by Nita Leland

‘An artist’s guide to harmony, contrast and unity’

Here is another one of my favourite books about color. I love the format of this book – easy reading – takes you right in and makes you a part of the process. Each page is loaded with exciting information and a “Try it” portion to include you in the journey. This book is for the beginner and advanced alike.

Using examples from a wide variety of artists, the book breaks down the colors used and explains why these color combinations are so effective. It also presents different types of color wheels to give the artist a wide range of harmonious color ideas to work with. By using the color information in this book, you can express mood to improve your creative vision.

This doesn’t overcomplicate things with various different color theories. Instead it offers you numerous practical options on how to use the traditional colors and modern colors in oil, acrylic and watercolors successfully.

There’s also a super handy reference table at the back of the book that lists general Artist Paint Colors, their common names, pigment names, light fastness and a swatch. This makes deciding which tube paint to buy so much easier.

I love this book and reference it often. And you will too !