The Color Scheme Bible

by Anna Starmer

‘Inspiring Palettes for Designing Home Interiors’

One of the handiest books I’ve ever invested in and definitely NOT just for Interior Decorators.
It’s perfect when I’m stuck in a color scheme rut with my abstract paintings.  And when I need a color scheme to suit a particular mood, there are choices in every color group on the color wheel.

Here’s what you’ll find in this little “Bible”
The first 35 pages cover the Basics of Color Theory. Plus, there are short chapters on:

– Color and Mood
– Looking at Light
– Color and Emotions
– Finding Inspirations
– Color Scrapbooks and Mood Boards

The next 220 pages are divided into Color Scheme sections organized around the color wheel. Neutral color schemes are also shown. Every page lets you know the mood created and how much of each color to use. For interior designers, it also tells you which room the color scheme looks best in and where to use each color.