Looking to Learn Even More About Color?

Awesome DVDs on Color

color-dvdArt is … Color
by Stephen Quiller

You’ll love this if:

– You want to learn about color theory
– You are interested in improving your color combinations in your artwork

Learn color concepts and how different color combinations are used in this introductory overview by artist, Steven Quiller. Some of the color subjects presented are primary, secondary, and intermediate colors, after-image, intensity, contrast, color, value, as well as monochromatic and analogous color schemes. A demonstration painting explores how these are used in creating a finished painting. Master works also reinforce these concepts.

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color-movesColor Moves DVD
Painting Water With Oil
by Caroline Jasper

Let Caroline Jasper teach you oil painting techniques that create visual movement! In this oil painting video, “Color Moves, Painting Water with Oils”.  See how author and artist Caroline Jasper manipulates the properties of color to create the visual effect of movement in her favorite subject water. Learn to put color-energy and capture visual movement in your subjects! Jasper is extremely well grounded in color theory. In this oil painting video she uses her knowledge to manipulate the properties of color to create the visual effect of movement in her favorite subject, water.

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color-powerColor Power DVD
The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color
by Carl Dalio

Free yourself of color inhibitions. Watch Carl take a flat street scene and turn it into a colorful, energetic, environment using lush color and active brush work. Carl Dalio explains the different types of light and where to anticipate areas perfect for adding vibrancy. Carl gives a brief explanation of perspective, explains the strengths of his limited palette and executes a quick sketch directly on his watercolor paper. He paints the scene in a logical yet free manner including simple figures. You learn how to keep your colors clean and vibrant as you make your own painting full of life and energy.

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Great Workshops to Become a Master of Color

color-theoryColor Theory Made
Really Easy:

Masters’ Secret Formulas for Eye Popping Color (Home Study Course)

by Sandra Angelo

Even dynamic paintings can languish if your colors are off. Banish muddy colors from your painting palette forever with this 60 day color-focused painting course!

You’ll Love This If:

  • You want to master color theory
  • You want to incorporate more color into your paintings or drawings
  • Discover new & exciting color combinations

Sandra Angelo, experienced painter & teacher, simplifies the Old Masters’ time honored formulas into daily 30 minute exercises in this exciting home study painting course. Sandra makes color theory easy showing you how to mix paint and apply it to your canvas!

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