Free Printable Color Wheels ….
for practice and reference

Free Printable Color Wheels can make learning easier and more fun !

1.   Download these three wheel diagrams and print them on your desktop printer. You’ll get better results if you can use slightly heavier paper. But it doesn’t need to be watercolor paper or anything like that. Here’s your chance to have some fun with color.

2.   Sit down with some simple watercolors, craft paints, artist pigments or any other type of paint you’d like to try. You might like to start out by painting your own Basic Printable Color Wheelsusing the the Primary and Secondary hues straight from the tube or bottle.

3.   Next try to create Tints, Shades and Tones by mixing in a little white, black or gray.

   You also might like to try your hand at mixing some of the different Color Schemes using your own paints and color choices.

5.   Or just explore on your own! You’ll learn something new about mixing colors no matter how you approach it.

Dive right in and remember ….. everything you try is just a playful learning experience.

Free    Basic Color Wheel Chart


1.   Download and print this Free Color Wheel on any standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

2.  Use it as a handy reference guide when planning Color Schemes for graphics, art, craft or home decorating projects.

3.   If you happen to have access to a laminator, take the opportunity to laminate your Color Wheel. This isn’t really necessary since you can print a new one any time.

Download your FREE Printable Color Wheel Reference Chart HERE

Most artists use a Color Wheel Chart. So this free stuff is for them too.

Free    Blank Color Mixing Wheel


1.   Download and print this Free Blank Color Wheel on any standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Use it to test paint mixtures when planning Color Schemes.

2.   Try filling in the colors by painting your own Basic Color Wheel.  Begin by painting in the three Primary Colors. The Primary Colors are Yellow, Red and Blue.

3.   Next, fill in the Secondary Colors. TheSecondary Colors are Orange, Violetand Green. Instead of reaching for a pre-mixed color, try mixing your own to see how paints blend. Mix very small increments of each Primary until you match the Reference Color Wheel above.

4.   Finally fill in the six Tertiary Colors. Challenge yourself to mix them yourself using your own secondary and primary colors. Or if you prefer the easier route, mix the Primary Colors with pre-mixed Orange, Violet and Green paints. Remember to use tiny increments when mixing.

Download your FREE Printable Color Mixing Wheel HERE

Free Blank Double-Ringed Paint Mixing Wheel


Looks challenging doesn’t it ?

Don’t worry – start mixing and see what happens !

1.   Download and print this Free Blank Double-Ringled Paint Mixing Wheel on any standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

2.   This one gives you the chance to try adding White, Black or Gray to your basic paint mixtures to make Pastels, Shades and Tones.

3.   Or when you add another color completely and record the results. Use it to test paint mixtures when planning Color Schemes.

Download your FREE Printable Double Color Mixing Wheel HERE

Did you know ….. Artists usually experimentwith different pigments before starting a project and save the results as reference. I like to three-hole punch mine and keep them in a binder with my color notes.

Hot Tip   Give yourself permission to explore, make a mess and have fun.
You’ll be amazed what you learn along the way !!

These three FREE Printable Color Wheels are your chance to play with paint. Print as many copies as you like and experiment to your hearts content.

Remember to have fun !!

No one will see the results except you. No one is grading you on the results.

The whole idea is to just explore the magic of colors and the beautiful mixtures you get when you start to combine them.

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