Learn Visually with Cartoon Illustrations

These Cartoon Illustrations are absolutely wonderful. They were created by professional Illustration Artist Victor Lunn-Rockliffe Copyright 2012

He took an online course at the Corel Painter - Digital Art Academy with Karen Bonaker. Karen uses this Color Wheel Artist site as a learning tool to help her students fully understand color theory.

Learning how colors interact with the help of a Color Wheel makes it a cinch to create harmonious color schemes. These practical color theories work equally well with paint, colored pencils, pastels, markers and even a computer.

Victor is a visual learner and created these engaging cartoons about color to help lock in the concepts in his mind. Many thanks to Victor for making these cool illustrations available to everyone ! They make it so very easy to understand some of the ideas about using a color wheel.

The Magic of Color

"I've been painting and drawing for over 40 years and had studiously avoided putting in the effort to understand colour, believing, wrongly of course, that I could rely on intuition alone!

I realised that the only way of properly imprinting the contents would be to attempt to illustrate a small key portion which would then provide a coat hook to hang all the other stuff."
Victor Lunn-Rockliffe
London, England

About Victor Lunn-Rockliffe

Victor Lunn-Rockliffe is a professional artist and illustrator working in London, England.

In 2006 he retired from a career in government insurance to start the career as an artist he had put "on hold" when he left school nearly 40 years ago. As a senior manager in a large organization Victor continued to draw every day and discovered that difficult problems were often much easier to confront and resolve if translated into a picture, preferably with accompanying humour.

Victor works in real and digital media often mixing the two in the same image.

He has illustrated a number of books, done work for not for profit organizations and had commissions from major companies to devise imagery to help simplify and communicate complex business issues.

Victor's speciality is to use humour and imagination to engage the audience in subjects that would otherwise be ignored or regarded as too difficult. Apart from his commissions, he will target whatever takes his fancy, especially the different worlds he has got to know - export credit insurance, change management, art, ballet, a frozen shoulder, the colour wheel . . . .. . . . . .

Most of all he enjoys drawing and painting from life. He is currently working on a graphic novel and collaborating with Shirley Williams with his cartoon illustrations about colour.

Victor is married with two daughters.

See the entire cartoon series 'The Magic of Color'

About Digital Art Academy

Digital Art Academy offers wonderful online courses for Corel Painter Software. There are many different courses, depending on your level of knowledge and experience. 

Karen Bonaker is one of the instructors. She teaches you everything you need to know about creating digital art using Corel Painter software. She refers her students to this site as a reference for using color effectively.

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