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How to Pick Exactly the Right Blue

Painted assortment of color wheel charts

Color is everywhere. In fact, it's so much a part of our lives that we sometimes don't even see it. Yet what a glorious kaleidoscope it is! 

Do you ever wonder how to choose exactly the right palette for a project? It could be for a painting or picking the right Color Scheme for your living room.
These decisions can be super stressful! So much pressure to pick the right one. It seems overwhelming doesn't it?


There is an easier way to pick harmonious color schemes. Almost anyone can make more pleasing color choices every time using a Basic Color Wheel. 

You're probably thinking “What’s a ColorWheel?” Or maybe you've seen one millions of times and don't see how it helps. If you're an artist struggling with color, my unique approach is especially relevant.

Have no fear. This handy little​ tool holds the secret to making all your painting decisions harmonize automatically. Let me show you how.

How to Pick the Perfect Blue 

Blue Paint Samples

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to choosing which blue to paint your living room wall, or picking a palette for a craft project or even a painting, most people lose their confidence. There are simply too many choices. In fact there is no end to the possibilities.

How do you know which Tints, Tones or Shades go together without clashing? Where do you begin? As a result, it’s often easier just to go with beige. But who wants to live in a beige world when a luscious palette can add so much pleasure?

To understand and choose pleasing palettes with confidence, you need a to begin with some  basic understanding and a few simple guidelines. 

For example, it's like learning a new language. Getting the gist of the conversation in a foreign language becomes fairly easy as soon as you learn a few common words and basic phrases.

Likewise, it's the same thing with learning how to use color successfully. As a result of understanding a few basic color concepts, you’ll find yourself having that “aha” moment. Rather than being frustrated and confused about mixing a beautiful range of colors that harmonize, this will become natural and automatic.

Let's Review What You Learned

  • To summarize, this content is worth your time if you work with color in any way. Whether you're an interior decorator, graphic designer, crafter, student or art teacher you will benefit as a result.
  • The content is especially for you if you are an artist wishing to improve your use of color. Mostly, we focus on acrylic paint and mediums, but all the blog posts and courses apply to any medium.
    • Lastly, all of the information provided is always practical, relevant and clear with no fluff. All of it comes from my own studio experience as a professional artist for over 25 years. Most of all, I'm thrilled to share it with you here on this site.

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