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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hue, Tint, Tone and Shade

Bundles of yarn in various Hues of Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Green

We often hear people say things like, 'What a beautiful blue hue.'  or 'What shade of green do you like?'  or 'Which tone do you prefer?' or 'That tint is too light.'

Have you ever wondered what exactly they mean by these color terms? Let me clarify the difference between them. Once you understand the difference, you'll never be unsure again. You'll also be able to describe or mix a color much more easily.

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Primary Colors, Secondary and Tertiary Explained

Primary Colors as shown in fruit, red strawberries, yellow lemons and blueberries

Primary colors are everywhere when we take the time to notice. So are Secondary and Tertiary colors. As a creative person, you are likely inspired by the colors you see in the world. Without a doubt you might be moved to capture the brilliance in a painting.

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2 Vital Facts Every Creative Person Must Know

Basic Color Wheel with 12 Colors

Basic Color Wheel with 12 Colors

A Basic Color Wheel is something most artists have lying around their studio gathering dust somewhere.  However, only a handful truly understand how this handy little tool can make painting with color so much easier. 

Now, once and for all, do you want to stop being frustrated when your paint colors end up looking muddy? Likewise, do you yearn to automatically choose color palettes that harmonize perfectly every time? In fact, there is a foolproof way to simplify the process and I'm going to show you how.

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How to Pick Exactly the Right Blue

Painted assortment of color wheel charts

Color is everywhere. In fact, it's so much a part of our lives that we sometimes don't even see it. Yet what a glorious kaleidoscope it is! 

Do you ever wonder how to choose exactly the right palette for a project? It could be for a painting or picking the right Color Scheme for your living room.
These decisions can be super stressful! So much pressure to pick the right one. It seems overwhelming doesn't it?

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