Learn Visually with Color Cartoons

These Color Cartoons are absolutely wonderful. They were created by Professional Illustrator Victor Lunn-Rockliffe Copyright 2012

He took an online course at the Corel Painter - Digital Art Academy with Karen Bonaker. Karen uses this Color Wheel Artist site as a learning tool to help her students fully understand color theory.

Learning how colors interact with the help of a Color Wheel makes it a cinch to create harmonious color schemes. These practical color theories work equally well with paint, colored pencils, pastels, markers and even a computer.

Victor is a visual learner and created these marvelous color illustrations to help lock in the concepts in his mind. Many thanks to Victor for making these delightful cartoons available to everyone ! They make it so very easy to understand some of these ideas about using a color wheel.

The Magic of Color

"I've been painting and drawing for over 40 years and had studiously avoided putting in the effort to understand colour, believing, wrongly of course, that I could rely on intuition alone!

I realised that the only way of properly imprinting the contents would be to attempt to illustrate a small key portion which would then provide a coat hook to hang all the other stuff."
Victor Lunn-Rockliffe
London, England

Look & Learn


More Color Cartoons will be added soon .............

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